Second Picture I took with my Instax

If you haven’t seen this ted talk, I highly recommend it that you do. It is a very short talk by Matt Cutts, talking about trying different things for 30 days. I was mesmerized the first time I saw it, I thought to myself “Wow, I’ll do something different for 30 days starting today!”, but, as many of my attempts on doing very “extreme” things in life, I gave up early on.

As life has a way of making things happen when they’re meant to happen, this video reappeared on my to-view list. This time the idea of doing something different for 30 days that would make me feel more linked to my moment and my life made a lot of sense. It was a calling. I needed to do this. So I did.

I decided to take one picture a day for 30 days. I got myself an Instax Mini, it works like one of those old Polaroid cameras. I didn’t want to just take pictured with my phone. I didn’t want to be able to know for sure how the picture would come out. I didn’t want to be able to edit it so it fits my esthetic needs. I wanted to be surprised and learn to deal with what life gives me.

This made me look to everything (and everyone) around me in a different way. I can remember perfectly what I did, where I was and how I felt at every picture taken. This made me appreciate going out more, and as a result I started exercising more. As the days passed, I also felt very proud of myself for being able to just stick with something. I also discovered that I love photography, and am planning on doing some courses to develop myself further into this beautiful and meaningful art.

I took this picture of my dad working on his book

I now look forward my next 30 days, and for different 30 days challenges. I hope this video also helps you to find some passion and pride in yourself.

ela/dela | data analysis | entusiasta de data science e machine learning

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